Protein Replacer

The Performance of Protein Without the Limitations

We offer a natural product to replace protein in coating applications. Our protein replacer is ready to use and requires no cooking, like traditionally used soy protein. It's shelf-life stable for several months, provides some thickening to the coating formula, and performs the same as protein. You'll get a convenient product and a great value.
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Pen-cote® D UHV  Product Data Sheet
Our SDSs are being updated to meet the OSHA HazCom-GHS requirements. If you need a SDS for an existing product, please Contact Us.
Product designed to be used as coating binder to replace latex and/or protein. Can easily be re-hydrated in coating makedown tank under sufficient agitation. May allow for significant reduction in thickener due to its near native molecular weight.
Pen-cote® D UUHV
Product designed to be used as protein replacer, may also allow for replacement of 1-2 parts of latex in coating formulation. Easily re-hydrates in coating makedown tank under sufficient agitation. Higher molecular weight than Pen-cote D UHV.

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