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Fueling Our Future

At we do our part each and every day to produce a domestic fuel supply made from renewable resources. Ethanol produced in our Cedar Rapids, IA plant in the middle of America's Heartland is shipped to ethanol blenders throughout the U.S. By blending ethanol into gasoline, we can meet the increasing global demand for energy, but more importantly, reduce America's dependence on foreign oil.

Reduces Costs, Increases Octane Ratings and Preserves Our Planet

We are proud that we have helped to replace millions of barrels of imported oil, produced from declining petroleum reserves. A domestic, renewable fuel supply creates jobs right here at home and contributes to the United States GDP by keeping more of our fuel spend with domestic producers and our American farmers.

Not only are ethanol blends reducing the consumer's costs at the pump, but ethanol increases the octane rating on fuels and reduces harmful fossil fuel emissions. Ethanol blends make the air we breathe cleaner to help preserve our planet for the future.

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