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When laminating two, three or four plies of substrates together - whether it is paper or board - Penford's PenLam product line can be used to meet or exceed your performance needs. We offer products that are natural and made from renewable resources to replace synthetic adhesives. With no VOCs, easier cleanup and lower cost compared to synthetic, it is easy to see why laminators prefer PenLam.
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Lamination PenLam HT  MSDS High tack - less than 10 seconds to fiber pull. For demanding applications requiring quick bonding and high strength. Designed to replace or be blended with resin adhesive systems.
Lamination PenLam LT  MSDS Low tack - greater than 30 seconds until achieving fiber pull. Intended for applications needing maximum lay-flat performance. Designed to replace dextrin based adhesives and used when long open time is desired.
Lamination PenLam MT  MSDS Medium Tack - giving 10-30 seconds to fiber pull depending on the substrate. Intended for most paper to paper laminating applications. Designed to replace both dextrin and resin based formulations.

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